Foresight – Ownership – Respect – Excellence (FORE)


Fore Life, Inc. serves children ages 5 – 17 from two separate populations.

Miami, October, 14th, 2013. Fore Life, Inc. is a not for profit organization that will provide as its principle objective, access to the game of golf and it’s life altering skills to impact the lives of youth.

To provide youth involved in criminal and/or unhealthy behavior or at risk of such behavior with life altering decision making skills and experiences using the game of golf and its inherent values.

 Target Population

Fore Life, Inc. serves children ages 5 – 17 from two separate populations:

Offender – Children who have committed delinquent acts that is being diverted from the juvenile justice system or has been in the system and is serving probation.

Non-Offender – Children that have not committed such acts and stand to benefit from the programming to avoid delinquent behavior.

 The juvenile justice system will continue to overflow when one out of every four adolescent is extremely vulnerable to gang involvement, drug use, unplanned pregnancies, misdemeanor and violent crimes. There exists a desperate need for alternative programs that address the needs of this population that are missed by the nearly 20,000 national and local youth services organizations currently operating in the United States.

Fore Life, Inc. knows first hand that there are many life coping, decision making and character building skills missing in today’s youth. Some simply have rejected them, while others may have not been taught in a manner in which they can relate. All children deserve as many opportunities as possible to instill core values. Locking them away is not always the answer. The answer is diverting them to an atmosphere where they can:

  • Feel a sense of worth while learning a game which they otherwise would not be exposed or interested.
  • Achieve a reliable basis for making informed, deliberate decisions.
  • Learn respect for democratic values and understand responsible citizenship.
  • Find ways of being useful to others beyond self.
  • Learn four (4) values that will lead to personal and social development:

Judgment – Accountability – Respect – Hope
Foresight – Ownership – Respect – Excellence (FORE)

  1. Foresight to make better decisions
  2. Ownership for the actions that they take
  3. Respect for themselves and others
  4. Excellence. Commitment to excellence is the core of hope and achievement

Photo. Cortesy of Paula Tucker

Fore Life Inc


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