The PlayStation 4 will launch in 32 countries this holiday season


Miami, 20 de agosto de 2013, Gamers, mark your calendars. Sony announced Tuesday at the GamesCom conference in Germany that it will begin selling its newest console on Nov. 15.

In its presentation, which was also live-streamed, Sony said that it has seen over 1 million pre-orders for the $399 console so far, meaning that there will be quite a bit of shopping and shipping come mid-November. The game industry is facing a busy holiday season, with the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox One, set to compete head-to-head for space on gamers’ TV stands.

Microsoft, which announced its launch-day lineup at the conference Tuesday, has yet to set an official date for its console to hit stores.

The PlayStation will be launching in 32 territories, though it will reach Europe a few days after it hits the United States, on Nov. 29. Sony made several announcements about the console, including that it will be integrated with the social game-streaming network Twitch and that players who buy digital copies of games such as “Battlefield 4,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and “Watch Dogs” will be able to upgrade to PlayStation 4-compatible versions of those titles at a discount.

The company also said that it will be dropping the price of its handheld console, the Vita, to $199, though it wasn’t clear if this price cut applied to both its WiFi $249 version and its 3G-enabled $299.


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